Friday, March 31

Jazzy explains undocumented cats

Cuffy asked me, “Jazzy, I have heard a lot about undocumented workers lately and I was wondering, what would happen if an undocumented cat came into our house?” I responded with all my wisdom, “Cuffy, if an undocumented cat slipped past ole guard dog Chief while he was sleeping and came into our house, he would be an intruder. He would be in our home illegally and would have no standing or rights to anything in our home. We would throw a hissy fit and I am sure that WH and DH would soon realize the illegal cat was a constant source of agitation to us the legal cats. There are many dangers we would face from allowing illegal cats to come in without having them vaccinated and checked out by a Vet. Now I know WH and DH would show great compassion for an illegal cat by feeding it and trying to find it a proper home, but the bottom line would be that the illegal cat would be removed to preserve the domestic tranquility, and peace of our household.”

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