Wednesday, March 22

Jazzy sees through those unscrupulous Clintons

Cuffy said to Jazzy, “Jazzy, the latest poll numbers are in on your blog and once again your popularity has declined because you are so outspoken. Why don’t you take a moderate stance and try to have everybody like you? Take Hillary Clinton for example, she used to be on the board of directors at Wal-Mart and as late as two years ago spoke at a Wal-Mart function and bragged on the company. But now that Wal-Mart has fallen out of favor with liberal advocacy groups and democats, she has returned a campaign contribution citing concerns over company policy. She is playing it smart and that is what you ought to do.” I replied to Cuffy, “Cuffy, I am not going to compromise principles or abandon my friends just to please a greater number of people. Being an unprincipled phony like Hillary Clinton, may help my poll numbers, but it would not help my ability to sleep at night. I am amazed that more people do not see through those transparent unscrupulous Clintons.”


jel said...

I didn't know that !


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jazzycat said...

The AP article can be read here:

A google search will give more info as well