Tuesday, March 21

Jazzy explains who has the power of the press to Cuffy

Cuffy asked Jazzy, “Jazzy, why do you always post a beautiful photo of yourself on this blog, but when you put my picture on it is of me sleeping or doing something stupid? It just isn’t fair and I resent it. Today is a perfect example of you putting a flattering photo of yourself on this blog.” I replied to my disgruntled sister, “While it is true that I am beautiful, smart and talented, I try to be humble and modest. Cuffy, if you will look at the title of this blog is should clear to you. Just like Dan Ratherlie put his imprint on the T. V. show 60 Minutes, I put my paw print on this blog. So, go sniff a little catnip and shut up.”


Puritan Belief said...

You really do like cats, Jazzy cats. In the wild they grow massive especially their front legs and sholders. Somtimes they have been mistaken for Pumas in Australia.

jazzycat said...

We, Jazzy and Cuffy, have massive mid-sections due to loyal and attentive staff. Thanks for the visit.