Friday, March 17

Jazzy gives unofficial test results

W.H. was so inspired by my brilliant observation yesterday that he tested my point about the decline of public education in America. He found out the following from an 11th grade student:
1. California borders the Atlantic Ocean.
2. Mississippi has three United States senators (wrong answer even for # congressmen)
3. The Supreme Court has 13 justices
4. The moon is further from earth than mars
5. Dick Cheney is the Vice President
6. Alaska is the largest state in land area
7. Recently learned that we do not have 52 states
8. He/she feels really good about their book knowledge

All is not lost as he/she got two of these extremely difficult questions right and there is no problem with the ole self-esteem. Makes a cat wonder if they still use those huge maps of the world with that big ole blue Pacific Ocean covering most of the map and coming right up to the west coast. W.H. says he must have passed by those maps a thousand times in his elementary years alone and marveled at how big that ole Pacific Ocean was as it came right up to America’s western shore. How do you get to the 11th grade and miss that?

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jel said...

it can happen!