Wednesday, March 29

Jazzy and Cuffy approve resolution against Iran

Cuffy approaced Jazzy and said, “Jazzy, I read where the United Nations took the first of a series of steps that could lead to sanctions against Iran if they do not halt their nuclear program. Since we are feline activists…. and want to make the world a better place…. and just give peace a chance …. etc., etc; I think we ought to pass a feline resolution demanding that Iran stop their nuclear program. I bet we could get Ferdinand the conservative cat to join us in signing our resolution. What do you think of this idea?” I, Jazzy Cat, being by far the brightest feline in our household am always amazed at Cuffy when she stays awake from her naps long enough to have an idea. So, I replied, “Cuffy, I think we should go ahead with that resolution since it sure would send a message to Iran that felines everywhere are displeased with their actions. The good news is that our resolution will be just as effective as to whatever the U.N. finally does, it will be much sooner, and will be worded stronger. The bad news is that it will be just as worthless as the rehetoric of the U.N.”

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