Wednesday, November 30

Jazzy Cat in trouble with PETA!

As I your Jazzy Cat was having a catnap and meditating, Chloe came running up to me out of breath and yelling, “Jazzy Cat, Jazzy Cat we are in really big trouble. Yesterday on your blog, I revealed that you killed lizards for fun and “PETA” which stands for ‘people for the ethical treatment of animals’ got really mad. They have contacted WH and DH and want them to crack down on us with discipline, supervision, and even keep us locked inside if necessary. Oh Jazzy, what are we going to do?” I calmly motioned Chloe closer and slapped her upside the head with my paw and gently said, “You fool get hold of yourself. PETA is that organization that has been handing out an agenda based comic book to children that has a cover with a drawing of an angry man cleaning fish. ‘Your Father Kills Animals’ is the title of this despicable comic book. They are a radical kook organization that has stooped to new lows in trying to sabotage the relationship between parents and children. You can rest assured that WH either told or will tell PETA to go take a flying leap and that we highly esteemed felines also kill mice for fun.” Today's photo highlights my beautiful eyes.

Tuesday, November 29

More Jazzy Cat wisdom on information manipulation

Chloe answered, “That makes sense Jazzy cat and it follows that the information that people receive will effect their opinions on issues and other things.” I was so proud that Chloe made that connection and explained further to her that the ones that controlled the mass distribution of information could select the information they distribute in such a way as to influence public opinion to suit their agenda. They could even do this without lying. Chloe said, “Wow Jazzy cat, I see what you mean. They could only report the bad stuff you do like calling me a fat cat, outing our guard dog Chief, killing lizards just for fun, scratching the carpet, hissing for no reason and never report your good deeds and good points.” Jazzy replied, “I must admit, Chloe cat, it gives me great pleasure to see your knowledge and discernment grow under my scholarly and sometimes inspired teaching.”

Monday, November 28

Latest Jazzy Cat approval ratings!

Chloe reported to Jazzy that the latest Jazzy Cat approval rating poll numbers had some mixed results. Chloe said, “Jazzy Cat there were different results depending on the background information we gave the respondents before asking them if they approved of your blog. When we told them that your approval rating had been declining lately, your approval rate dropped from 60% to 56%. However, when we told them your rating had been rising lately your percentage went up to 65%. Jazzy Cat, do you think that making your approval rating part of the news actually skews the results?” I, your humble Jazzy Cat, recognized that Chloe was trying to ask me if polls could be used to manipulate public opinion. To answer and prove my answer as concisely as possible I brilliantly responded, “Chloe Cat if public opinion cannot be swayed by information, then a lot of huge corporations are wasting gazillions of dollars on advertising!”

Sunday, November 27

Where is your focus?

Since yesterday, I your humble and brilliant Jazzy Cat have been meditating on the subject that Chloe brought up yesterday about humans becoming obsessed in their eager pursuit of worldly goods. While Christians also enjoy the material blessings that God has given them, their focus and priorities will be radically different from the mindset that produced the greed and fights this past Friday in American stores. Photo Meditation #41 on worldliness gives a brief overview of these two basic kinds of people.

Saturday, November 26

Shopping gone wild....

Chloe asked, “Jazzy Cat I saw on T.V. that people camped out all night in lines to buy toys and stuff at stores yesterday. Once the stores opened and long lines formed inside, there were fights that broke out over people breaking in line. This was not hungry people seeking food, but adults wanting to buy toys, etc. for entertainment purposes. I don’t understand it Jazzy Cat. What do you think?” I, your wise and humble Jazzy Cat, replied, “Chloe Cat, I feel so sorry for WH and DH because I feel certain that it made them ashamed of being human beings when they heard about it. Although they would never do such a thing, they must realize they have a similar human nature capable of such folly apart from the grace of God.” I then explained to Chloe that we cats are above such despicable human behavior.

Friday, November 25

Thanking God and relaxing

Chloe asked, “Jazzy Cat, did you notice that WH and DH had a relaxing and easy going day today as they celebrated and gave thanks to God for all their blessings?” I answered Chloe in the affirmative and expressed how nice it was for them to have a day like we have every day. I am getting drowsy just thinking about it.

Thursday, November 24

Jazzy reflects on Thanksgiving tradition

Although I am an exceptionally blessed cat with amazing perceptive powers, I sure don’t understand the way humans want to revise history and change the thanksgiving tradition. In 1789 George Washington issued a proclamation that began as follows: Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his protection and favor….. This thinking was accepted when WH and DH went to school because the Thanksgiving Holidays tradition went back many years and consisted of thanking the God of the Christian Bible for his blessings. Yet just yesterday, a local high school student told WH that he was out of school for the “fall holidays”. Make no mistake; the end game of the politically correct secular humanist crowd is to drive Christian religious practice behind closed doors and even there it will have to conform to PC thought and speech standards. The framers of the constitution were clearly concerned with protecting religious practice from government interference and not purging God from the public square. The very thing they were concerned about is now happening under the pretense of separation of church and state. Praise and thank God that his providence will prevail as George Washington understood in 1789.

Wednesday, November 23

Jazzy and Chloe give thanks

After hours of meditation with her eyes shut, Chloe said, “Jazzy Cat, we have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season.” I agreed with Chloe that we did have a good life compared to poor ole guard dog Chief who has to remain outside in the cold during winter and heat in summer and even WH and DH who have to spend valuable meditating and sleeping time to go in their vehicles and bring back supplies of food and cat litter. We should certainly be thankful to God for the servants he has given us in his providence….

Tuesday, November 22

Cats are a politically correct group

Jazzy responded, “Yes Chloe, animals are a political correct group. It is hard to believe, but most animals do not share the life style that we enjoy in our household, and there are organizations that seek to make the value of animals equal to human beings.” This news shocked Chloe so much that she asked Jazzy Cat, “Jazzy, what can be done to stop these organizations from lowering the value of cats to that of mere human beings?” I explained to Chloe that there are many different kinds of animals that fall well below not only cats but also humans in value. Therefore, these organizations are seeking to elevate animals to human status not up to feline level. The photo today is of me, your humble Jazzy Cat, reigning over my kingdom.

Monday, November 21

More on secular post-modern world view

Chloe said, “Jazzy Cat can you cite any proof for your allegation this past Saturday that sensitivity training is basically a brain washing and propaganda tool for politically correct groups, and causes?” I told Chloe that the secularist post-modern world-view proponents used the MSM, the liberal left, the Hollywood entertainment industry, the college and university culture, and government to manipulate the culture to fit their world-view. Perhaps the best proof this time a year is to look at the ever present and ongoing attempt to purge Christianity from the Christmas season. Even the term “Christmas” is systematically being removed from the Christmas Holidays so as to be sensitive to non-Christians. Has it not occurred to the secular world-view culture that just maybe removing the term “Christmas” from the Christmas Holidays might be insensitive to Christians? Sure it has, but the reason is quite simply that Christians are not a political correct group in their world-view; therefore, offending Christians is O.K. The success they have had with manipulating our culture has been impressive. Chloe then looked at Jazzy Cat and said, “I sure hope cats are a politically correct group.”

Sunday, November 20

Conflict resolution between God and human beings

Yesterday, Chloe brought up the subject of conflict resolution with your humble blogger Jazzy Cat. It reminded me that all humans have one conflict that is in desperate need of resolution. It is in fact the most important thing humans can do in their whole life and that is to resolve their conflict with almighty God the creator of the universe. Human sin and sinful nature have caused the conflict and there is only one way that this conflict can be resolved and that is through the mediator that God has provided. Paul tells us who that mediator is in 1Timothy 2:5 For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, For more information on who Jesus Christ is and how he provides mediation see Photo Meditation # 20.

Saturday, November 19

Chloe suggests conflict resolution and sensitivity training for her and Jazzy

Chloe approached Jazzy Cat cautiously and said, “Jazzy Cat, we have gotten into two big fights in the last 12 hours. Last night in bed with WH and DH you started an unprovoked fight and today at the food bowls we rumbled again. I admit that I did encroach on your food bowl after finishing mine, but did you have to slap me so hard? Anyway, I have been thinking that maybe we need to get some conflict resolution counseling and maybe throw in some sensitivity training to boot. Humans do this sort of thing all the time. What do you think?” I told Chloe that the best way to avoid a conflict is for the party of the first part (that would be her) to be completely submissive to the party of the second part (that would be me). I told her that was the cat way and would solve the conflict resolution problem with no need for counseling. I further told her that sensitivity training was an invention of a post-modern secular world-view culture and was based on tolerance toward politically correct thought, actions and groups. In short it was a human propaganda thing and did not apply to us cats. For emphasis, I called her closer and slapped her upside the head….

Friday, November 18

Remembering Duffy

Chloe and I both thought it would be nice to have a photo in remembrance of our friend Duffy who passed away three months ago. She was born in Scotland and had papers on two continents. Life was a lot more interesting when we had her around and as the photo shows she was a beautiful Yorkie. She was faithful and loyal which are traits we cats sometimes struggle to achieve. We miss her…..

Thursday, November 17

Chloe suggests going to the beauty shop

Chloe said, “Jazzy Cat, I think that we should get WH and DH to carry us to the beauty shop because they have a friend they went to high school with that goes to the beauty shop every week. Word on the street has it that neither rain, hail, sleet, snow nor tornado warnings can deter her from going to the beauty shop. She gets such a thorough hairdo job that it can withstand a category 3 hurricane or a wrestling match with a tag team comprised of 2 and 4 year old grandchildren. Jazzy, I really believe that it would help improve your approval number from that poll yesterday.” I replied to Chloe that humans need beauty shops and dogs need beauty shops, but we cats and especially your humble ‘Jazzy Cat’ have no need due to our stunning beauty. I had to admit, however, that withstanding a category 3 hurricane was impressive.

Wednesday, November 16

Jazzy Cat's latest poll numbers

Chloe came running up to me today and reported that the poll numbers had just come in and my approval rating had dropped significantly from 66% to 60%. She said, “Jazzy Cat, do you think your insensitive remark about me being a fat cat and your outing the covert status of our guard dog Chief had anything to do with your poll numbers declining?” Chloe then suggested that I should have some focus groups formed to provide information on what I should say and do to get the approval rating back up. I motioned Chloe closer with a gentle purr and then slapped her upside the head with my paw. My meaning was clear…. It would be stupid to be a hypocrite, and alienate the 60% that approve, to try to regain the 6% who want me to be more sensitive. Truth and reality can sometimes be painful to face, but your humble Jazzy Cat will continue to call them as she sees them.

Tuesday, November 15

Why French don't have Smith & Wesson insurance

Chloe then asked me, “Jazzy Cat, why don’t the people of France also have some ‘Smith & Wesson’ insurance?” I explained to Chloe that France has very strict gun control laws and that the citizens there did not have constitutional protection to keep and bear arms like we have in the USA. Chloe then asked why the French Government did such a poor job of protecting people’s property. I explained to her that the French socialistic system had become so permissive that the political will to aggressively uphold law and order has been lost by their leaders. Their strategy is one of rhetoric, concessions and appeasement. Yesterday, French President Chirac, said he would uphold law and order, offered excuses for the rioting and promised to train 50,000 youths in 2007. French leaders and American liberals are both predisposed to making victims out of evildoers. Chloe said she was going to meditate on what I had told her and get back to me.

Monday, November 14

Chloe considers the French model

Chloe said, “Jazzy Cat, I have studied up on the burning of cars that is going on in France and have noticed how the liberal media is sympathizing with the arsonists and offering all kinds of excuses and justification for their behavior. So Jazzy, I think the next time we get a bad batch of fancy feast fish and shrimp food, we should go burn a few cars to gain sympathy for our plight.” I said to Chloe patiently, “while this strategy is working in France and may even work in San Francisco, it will not work in the south where we live because a lot of southern vehicles have a special kind of insurance that car owners advertise with a bumper sticker which says the following: ‘Insured by Smith & Wesson’.” I then explained to Chloe that we could lose all nine of our lives in a heartbeat to vehicles insured by Smith & Wesson. Chloe is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but she understood this.

Sunday, November 13

A look at sanctification on the Lord's Day

Chloe pointed out yesterday that I sometimes have a bit of a problem with my mouth, tongue, and gossip. I was told the book of James in the Holy Bible deals with those problems. The book of James also points out that sanctification is part of a Christian’s life and without it there has been no justification. See Photo Meditation #16 for a brief explanation.

Saturday, November 12

Chloe contemplates suing Jazzy Cat for slander

Last night Chloe angrily said to me, “Jazzy Cat, I cannot believe that yesterday you told the whole world on your blog that I was a fat cat. I mean really, you out our guard dog Chief by telling the whole world of his covert guard dog status and now you call me a fat cat. Well, I want you to know that I have been deluged with calls from trial lawyers wanting to represent me in a lawsuit against you for slander. They all believe that with a little venue shopping we can sue you for a gazillion dollars and my favorite one, The honorable Mr. I.R. Sleaze, didn’t even ask how much I weighed.” In a deceptive, quiet, humble voice I called Chloe over to within paw range and slapped her up side the head. My meaning was clear…. “You fool, I don’t have a gazillion dollars.”

Friday, November 11

Could it be solar heating and photo

Last night I was in WH’s lap purring and working on my 401 K when he went to a web site that had an article about Swiss and German scientists that say the sun has been hotter the last 60 are so years. Even a cat of much less intelligence than your humble Jazzy Cat would know that this would cause the earth to become warmer due to increased solar heating. This does not fit the politically correct anti-capitalism template of petroleum products causing global warming, so I doubt many people have heard about it. I would like to also report that we also have another kind of warming going on in Chloe Cat that is being caused by her ever-growing insulation due to her ongoing weight gain. In less delicate terms she has become one fat cat.

Thursday, November 10

'Top Cat' competition and foggy alaska train

Last night around 3 am, I set an ambush for Chloe while she was sleeping with WH and DH. Due to her cat instincts she knew something was up and crept over to the edge of the bed and peeked at the floor. Our eyes met and our body language spoke volumes as we each were ready for a cat fight. My posturing and message was clear…. bring it on and lets have a ‘Top Cat’ show down. So, for the next few minutes we chased, swatted and fought each other to determine who would possess the coveted ‘Top Cat’ designation. I, of course, retained the title due to my huge advantage in brainpower. However, I sure hope we didn’t wake up WH and DH because they may get mad and impose a curfew on us like France has done to their anarchist. Is that getting tough or what?

Wednesday, November 9

Chloe's question and her photo

Today’s photo is of my sister Chloe. This morning I asked her what did she think about the situation in France and she just gave me a blank look. I then asked her if she might possibly be ignorant and apathetic about the problems in France. She then said and I quote, “Jazzy cat, I don’t know and I don’t care.” She is so blessed to have me to look after her.

Tuesday, November 8

New England photos

Look under October 2005 archives for New England photos.

Monday, November 7

False global warming conclusion PART 2

Chloe said to me, “Jazzy Cat, what you said about media propaganda and manipulation makes sense, but how do you account for the consensus of scientific opinion believing global warming is real and caused by humans?” I was pleasantly surprised that Chloe was able to ask a very good question for a change and I answered by first telling her that scientific consensus once thought that the sun revolved around the earth. Also, the very fact that the proponents of this thinking use the word consensus reveals the fact that there are very creditable scientists who do not agree. However, for those that do agree with human caused global warming, we have the following facts to consider:
1. Many of these scientists work for colleges and universities.
2. Liberal thinking totally dominates American colleges and universities.
3. While they claim tolerance, views that aren’t in agreement with liberal political correct thinking are severely criticized at these colleges.
4. Job security, promotions, and raises are at risk for those who do not adhere to the political correct positions (even scientific ones).
5. Professional and social isolation also result from those that differ with the political correct position.
6. Human causation of global warming with fossil fuels is the politically correct view on college campuses.
Connect the dots and it is understandable that scientists would feel pressure to validate the politically correct view of human causation of global warming since they realize the scrutiny they would be under to contradict this consensus view. Not only humans but also we cats feel pressure to do things that will result in our acceptance and approval by others. We all want to receive the little smiley faces. Therefore Chole cat, It is wise to have a healthy skepticism about anything one hears from a biased mainstream media and an intolerant academia.

Sunday, November 6

False global warming conclusion and photo

Today, Chloe, who sleeps even more than our outed guard dog, Chief, woke up a little warm from her nap to ask me if I thought that global warming caused by the burning of fossil fuel was factual as Al Gore, the Hollywood left, and other liberal advocacy groups were alleging. Today’s glacier 'calving' photo sheds some light on the issue. WH took it in Glacier Bay, Alaska in late June within a week of a CNN special report on global warming that cited glaciers receding as a proof of fossil fuels causing global warming. The following information is in the Glacier Bay National Park Brochure and it is also on their web site:
1794: Captain George Vancouver of the H.M.S. Discovery, along with Lt. Joseph Whidbey, describes Glacier Bay as "a compact sheet of ice as far as the eye could distinguish".
1879: John Muir records his "discovery" of Glacier Bay. The glacial ice has retreated up into the bay 40 miles from where Whidbey saw it.
Excuse me, but even a cat of much less intelligence than your humble Jazzy Cat, would know the dramatic 40 mile retreating of the glacier from 1794 to 1879 had nothing to do with the burning of fossil fuel in cars. Obviously, with this kind of information easily available, CNN was being deceptive in drawing the conclusion that glacier retreat is caused by the burning of petroleum products. I explained this to Chloe but she couldn’t understand why CNN would manipulate the truth and give a false conclusion. Well, her lack of discernment so infuriated me that I slapped her up side the head with my paw and said, “You fool, the global warming issue is a political anti-American, anti-capitalism left wing agenda driven movement. It is not surprising that CNN and others, who believe in this agenda, embrace global warming with a passion and present it as fact regardless of what the data may show.” Chloe needs to be aware of the brain washing and manipulation in which the MSM routinely engages.

Spiritual 401K's and photo

Yesterday, I tried to explain to Chloe about the importance of having a 401K. Earlier today I was meditating on how important it was for human beings to have their spiritual 401K’s in order. I am struck by how many people seem to be disinterested in their eternal security and even more amazed at how many do not even know what it takes to have a secure spiritual 401K (eternal life). Photo Meditation 38 speaks of where people should store up their treasure (i.e. 401K) and the good news of how to do it.

Saturday, November 5

Jazzy Cat's 401K and Alaskan Photo

Chloe came up to me earlier today and said, “Jazzy Cat why do you spend all of that time in WH’s lap purring and ‘sucking up’ when you could be at a window in meditation or sleeping?” I explained to Chloe yet again that I was reaffirming the bond between WH and myself that I had established eight years ago. I then said, “You fool, it is not ‘sucking up’ it is in fact working on and cultivating my 401K!” Chloe just has no clue when it comes to understanding cat/human psychology. However, I did not slap her upside the head like she deserved because tomorrow is the Lord’s Day.

Thursday, November 3

Chief's cover blown by Jazzy Cat and Alaska Photo

My sister, Chloe, approached me yesterday while I was meditating to tell me that I was in some really big trouble because I had outed the identity of our guard dog Chief. She said I had compromised his covert status as a guard dog by revealing his identity the past two days on my blog. I told her that Chief sleeps most of the time and is friendly to strangers and wasn’t much of a threat to burglars anyway. She said her mainstream media (MSM) sources told her that didn’t matter and that national security was compromised and the whole thing probably led straight to the White House. She said, “Jazzy cat you have really messed up this time” and started asking me questions about Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, etc. I proceeded to slap Chloe upside the head with my paw…. My meaning was clear. Don’t let yourself be brainwashed and manipulated by the MSM.

Photo of Chief and comments

When WH came home yesterday around 3pm, I darted out the door for a little outing and a visit with Chief pictured with today’s post. I felt real bad about telling the whole world yesterday about Chief’s little personal problem and I wanted to soothe my guilty conscience by letting him enjoy my presence and a chat. During the chat, I found out that the dog has a huge self-esteem problem when he told me how wonderful WH and DH were because they fed and took care of him. UNBELIEVABLE…. they take care of Chloe and me as well, but the reason is so obvious ……It is because we are so wonderful not them!!! With Chief’s attitude no wonder he has to stay outside and work as a common guard dog. The subject of pride and self-esteem for humans is touched on in Photo Meditation # 44.

Wednesday, November 2

Photo and our guard dog Chief

The photo today is of me curled up by my window seat where I meditate and observe nature. A few days ago, while I was watching the birds, squirrels, lizards, etc. that come by my window, I was horrified to see our German Sheppard guard dog, Chief, pass by my window and proceed to…. well, to put it delicately use the front yard like it was a litter box. I was really disgusted and told Chloe. She said that I should be tolerant of Chief and his right to behave in that manner. I said that I was tolerant of his rights but that it was disgusting and that he should really use a litter box like we cats. She said that the new secular postmodern worldview mandated more than that and I should also acknowledge that Chief’s chosen bathroom etiquette was just as acceptable as using a litter box. I proceeded to slap Chloe upside the head with my paw…. My meaning was clear. The secular postmodern worldview is a bunch of hogwash.

Tuesday, November 1

Photo of me

I really spent most of Monday mending fences with WH by getting in his lap three or four times and purring a lot and rubbing my face on his cheek. He just melts when I do that. Today I am posting a photo of me relaxing in a chair on the front porch. Sometimes I just have to get out of the house and get some fresh air. I heard some lib on T.V. talking about how our constitution is evolving. That of course is liberal speak for judges and courts making law to suit their personal policy preferences. Even cats know that the legislative branch is the one that is suppose to make law. I sure hope the life style that Chloe and I have is not evolving. We like our situation, except for the occasional bad batch of fancy feast.