Monday, November 21

More on secular post-modern world view

Chloe said, “Jazzy Cat can you cite any proof for your allegation this past Saturday that sensitivity training is basically a brain washing and propaganda tool for politically correct groups, and causes?” I told Chloe that the secularist post-modern world-view proponents used the MSM, the liberal left, the Hollywood entertainment industry, the college and university culture, and government to manipulate the culture to fit their world-view. Perhaps the best proof this time a year is to look at the ever present and ongoing attempt to purge Christianity from the Christmas season. Even the term “Christmas” is systematically being removed from the Christmas Holidays so as to be sensitive to non-Christians. Has it not occurred to the secular world-view culture that just maybe removing the term “Christmas” from the Christmas Holidays might be insensitive to Christians? Sure it has, but the reason is quite simply that Christians are not a political correct group in their world-view; therefore, offending Christians is O.K. The success they have had with manipulating our culture has been impressive. Chloe then looked at Jazzy Cat and said, “I sure hope cats are a politically correct group.”

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