Saturday, November 26

Shopping gone wild....

Chloe asked, “Jazzy Cat I saw on T.V. that people camped out all night in lines to buy toys and stuff at stores yesterday. Once the stores opened and long lines formed inside, there were fights that broke out over people breaking in line. This was not hungry people seeking food, but adults wanting to buy toys, etc. for entertainment purposes. I don’t understand it Jazzy Cat. What do you think?” I, your wise and humble Jazzy Cat, replied, “Chloe Cat, I feel so sorry for WH and DH because I feel certain that it made them ashamed of being human beings when they heard about it. Although they would never do such a thing, they must realize they have a similar human nature capable of such folly apart from the grace of God.” I then explained to Chloe that we cats are above such despicable human behavior.

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