Thursday, November 10

'Top Cat' competition and foggy alaska train

Last night around 3 am, I set an ambush for Chloe while she was sleeping with WH and DH. Due to her cat instincts she knew something was up and crept over to the edge of the bed and peeked at the floor. Our eyes met and our body language spoke volumes as we each were ready for a cat fight. My posturing and message was clear…. bring it on and lets have a ‘Top Cat’ show down. So, for the next few minutes we chased, swatted and fought each other to determine who would possess the coveted ‘Top Cat’ designation. I, of course, retained the title due to my huge advantage in brainpower. However, I sure hope we didn’t wake up WH and DH because they may get mad and impose a curfew on us like France has done to their anarchist. Is that getting tough or what?

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