Monday, June 23

Sweet Jazzy Cat will focus elsewhere for a brief time


I will be taking a brief break from posting here in order to concentrate the new team blog that Mark Pierson (AKA Bluecollar) and I have started. It is titled TRUE FREE GRACE and the link is directly to the right on the sidebar. Click on the True Free Grace logo and you will be there. Please check out on the right sidebar for links to the many resources from past postings here at Jazzycat.

To quote an ole General, "I shall return" if the LORD is willing!

Wednesday, June 18

Proverbs 4:26

Proverbs 4:25 Let your eyes look directly forward, and your gaze be straight before you.

There is great wisdom in this brief proverb. To be successful in life and in Christian growth and sanctification it is important to focus on things upcoming. Looking forward with a gaze of discernment and concentration is needed to avoid dangers and traps that are inevitable for life in a fallen world controlled by the prince of darkness. Christians should look straight ahead to avoid physical harm and pitfalls, and they should also look directly to Christ for strength, courage, purpose, knowledge, and wisdom to have a spiritually strong foundation.

The temptations come fast and often in a world dominated by sin and worldly pursuits of the flesh. Christians that avoid turning to the left or right and remain on the Biblically tried and true straight course will reap rewards and contentment in this life as well as have the inner peace of knowing that it is well with their souls. The photo above shows a little boy in the 1940s, just beginning his life and pulling his wagon with his gaze focused straight ahead. There will be many opportunities in his life to veer off the straight way and end up on a wrong path with only sin and misery to reap. These consequences of sinful decisions can sometimes last a lifetime.

However, by the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ this little boy can be led in the paths of righteousness and reap all the benefits that are a part of being a son of God. Indwelt by the Spirit of God, Christians are led by the Spirit and more and more conformed to the image of Christ. Brethren, we should keep our eyes pointed straight ahead and our hearts in tune with God’s sanctifying grace. Praise God that we will reap eternal life through faith in Jesus with our gaze fixed and locked directly on Him.

Tuesday, June 17

New Group Blog

True Free Grace

The new True Free Grace Blog will highlight some aspects of the Reformed Doctrine that are being misrepresented. The doctrines of Grace will be discussed as well as the emphasis for evangelism and witnessing that is a part of the Reformed Faith that is also called Calvinism. It is our hope to provide many resources for research and study as well in our links sidebar.

Wednesday, June 11

Proverbs 4:14

Proverbs 4:14 Do not enter the path of the wicked, and do not walk in the way of the evil.

The paths of the wicked often cross our daily lives as we go about our normal activities. Although these paths are sometimes hard to discern, Christians should be able to recognize and avoid them through a thorough understanding of the Law of Christ. In the photo above, the path of the wicked is easy to discern as people must make a conscience effort to walk this path. The consequences of walking this path are well known, and the results are not in doubt. The wicked who run these gambling boats do not conceal the fact that the mathematical advantage will always make them very successful. They are open 24 hours a day every day of the year. They provide entertainment, free drinks, and they will put you up in a hotel and even send a limo to pick you up if you participate enough. This proverb exhorts Christians to refrain from these paths and to avoid the way of evil.

How can Christians successfully refrain from evil and avoid wicked paths? Attempting to do it by relying on the flesh and self, through law keeping, is a recipe for failure. Instead, Christians should understand that they are no longer under law but are under grace. Through God’s grace and reliance on the indwelling Holy Spirit, we are to serve in the new way of the Spirit and not in the old way of the law. With a focus on prayer and the leading of the Spirit, Christians are empowered to have victory over sin. Although we may stumble and struggle with sin, a heart that is in tune with God’s grace and Spirit will prevail and not succumb to following in the path of the wicked.

We are not only saved but also sanctified by grace through faith. Praise God that Christians are conformed more and more to the image of Christ by his grace and indwelling Spirit.

Monday, June 2

Proverbs 3:25-26

Proverbs 3:25-26 Do not be afraid of sudden terror or of the ruin of the wicked, when it comes, for the Lord will be your confidence and will keep your foot from being caught.

Even with plenty of people around, it certainly gives a person pause upon suddenly seeing this character in the stairway opening of a solid wall. The first visual image was viewed out of the corner of my eye as I passed the corner of the walkway and the staircase. Then upon turning my head, I saw this person standing stationary as if he were setting an ambush. I suspect, at night and alone, this sight would have caused a maximum adrenalin surge. However, we are reminded in this proverb to not be afraid when sudden terror comes because of our trust in God. He is our confidence and we know that nothing can harm us apart from His providence. While this does not mean that sudden calamity will never harm us, it does mean that all things are under God’s control and work for good to those that love Him and are called according to His purpose. For Christians, even death is but a portal to eternal life and serene peace with our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Therefore, if the character in the photo above were really dangerous and meant harm, we have nothing to fear since there is nothing he could do to affect our eternal life.

This proverb also has the promise of keeping and preserving us from the ruin of falling into the schemes and pitfalls of sinful pursuits. Those who are led by the Spirit of God have the power to resist and avoid these temptations. Praise God that we can have confidence and trust in the Lord to protect us from being ensnared by evil activities as well as being eternally secure from any harm that evildoers may do.