Monday, June 23

Sweet Jazzy Cat will focus elsewhere for a brief time


I will be taking a brief break from posting here in order to concentrate the new team blog that Mark Pierson (AKA Bluecollar) and I have started. It is titled TRUE FREE GRACE and the link is directly to the right on the sidebar. Click on the True Free Grace logo and you will be there. Please check out on the right sidebar for links to the many resources from past postings here at Jazzycat.

To quote an ole General, "I shall return" if the LORD is willing!


Celestial Fundie said...

Please post some pictures of Jazzycat on the Bluecollar blog.

jazzycat said...

Why not the Jazzycat blog! I will do that soon and include some of her sister Cuffy here on Jazzycat! this would be a good time since I am taking a break from devotionals.