Tuesday, February 28

Jazzy gives servant staff day off for photography trip

Cuffy and I have been fighting quite a bit lately and I believe our staff, WH and DH, has shown signs of disgust with us. Therefore, I decided to give them a day off from their servant duties. They gladly accepted and went on a little day trip for the purpose of working on a photography project. This really worked well for everyone concerned, as we were able to catch up on our sleep. Insomnia is not a feline problem, and with no disturbances other than guard dog Chief howling at sirens, we had a restful day. Our staff came back excited with their photos. So all is quite well as I have been meditating on my defense of reformed theology with the free grace theology people. I wish I could send in Dr. R.C. Sproul as a replacement for me in this debate.As ole Butch Cassidy said in that movie, who are those guys…. man they come at you with all they got. I admire that in them though.

Monday, February 27

Jazzy explains the external call of God

I have recently found some very dedicated Christian bloggers who differ in Christian doctrine from this blog. I would like to make a point in interpreting Scripture or anything else for that matter. It is easy for all of us to look at a Bible verse and read meaning into it that is not there. There are many passages such as the well-known John 3:16 verse that give the external call of God (See Photo Meditations 13 and 14 for more on the external and internal call). This verse is often used to refute the reformed doctrine of election. In reality, John 3:16 says nothing about man’s ability to respond to this call. If you said for example: Texaco so appreciates it’s customers world wide that everyone who comes in for gasoline in the next two hours will get a free gallon. Does this mean that 100% of the people with vehicles on the planet has the ability to respond to the offer? (Obviously not) One rule of Biblical interpretation is to let Scripture interpret Scripture. Logic alone is enough to see that the John 3:16 text does not speak to ability. However, for further verification we can look at the many passages where Jesus speaks of having ears to hear and eyes to see and how some have calloused hearts and cannot hear. John 3:16 is a sincere external call that God makes to everyone but it does not speak to the ability to respond.

Sunday, February 26

Jazzy explains de facto Calvinism

Non-Calvinistic or Arminian Christian theology holds that human free will has the ability to choose salvation. While the Holy Spirit draws a person to salvation, human beings must freely choose Jesus Christ and salvation. What is the ingredient of free will that makes the decision to choose faith in Christ? Is it intelligence, discernment, genetics, a gentle spirit, the heart, the environment, or perhaps a combination of many factors? If a human makes this free choice, then there must be reasons that cause him to make the choice. For the sake of this discussion lets call this reason SP. Human A chooses to have faith in Christ because his SP leads him to have faith in Christ. Human A’s twin Human B does not believe though he has been exposed to everything as Human A. His SP does not lead him to Christ. What is SP and where did it come from?

While we can’t explain what it is exactly, we can trace it to the source. Was it a believing parent or great grandparent that provided the SP for Human A? Where does the road lead for the ingredients that provided the SP? Acts 17:24-28 and many other Scripture verses provide us with the answer. Whatever SP is the road for where it comes from winds back to God. The free will, that allows a person to choose Christ, can be traced back to God; therefore, the SP that is required comes from God. Unless it can be shown that a person can choose his parents, his intelligence, and all the things that Paul speaks of in Acts 17, then free-will salvation comes from God just as surely as pure Calvinism comes from God. Let us give the SP we mentioned a name and call it sovereignty and providence. These are the reasons a person chooses Christ and we can label this thinking de facto Calvinism.

Therefore, we have pure Calvinism which holds that regeneration by the Holy Spirit quickens a spiritually dead person and allows him to freely come to faith in Christ and we have de facto Calvinism in which human free will (which comes exclusively from God) chooses Christ through faith which brings regeneration. In both cases unconditional election is at work. Pure Calvinism is more logical and Biblical, but either way salvation comes from God.

Saturday, February 25

Jazzy Cat’s thinking on the universe and evolution

Cuffy asked me, “Jazzy Cat, how do you think the universe started and what do you think of evolution?” I said, “Cuffy, while I am a smart feline, I am going to rely quite a bit on what I have learned from Dr. R.C. Sproul of Ligonier Ministries (http://www.ligonier.org/). It is really interesting to hear Dr. Sproul speak of his debate via correspondence he had with the late Dr. Carl Sagen. Here goes.
1. If there ever were a time when there was nothing, there would be nothing now.
2. Since there is something now, there has always been something.
3. This something must have the power of being in and of itself and not require anything ‘to be’.
4. The choices are either matter/energy or a necessary intelligent supreme being.
5. It is inconceivable that unintelligent, powerless matter/energy has this power of being.
6. It seems to me that logic screams for a necessary intelligent being with awesome power to be the entity that has always been and has the power to be in and of himself.
7. This Supreme Being created the universe.

Just as there is a lot of political propaganda involved in the human causation of global warming debate, I believe there is a lot of anti-religious influence in the evolution debate. Quite simply, atheists are eager to prove that a supreme being does not exist. In both global warming and evolution, I believe that objectivity and conclusions from data are suspect. I have not studied evolution theory very much. However, I find it hard to believe that a very complicated organ that is necessary for an animal to live has to evolve for millions of years to become functional. What would make a fantastically designed organ keep evolving to that perfection while it was worthless. Can you imagine an airplane flying while it is evolving wings?"

Friday, February 24

Jazzy tells about a child left behind

I heard W.H. telling D.H. how he likes to ask young high school students very basic questions on various subjects. He asks them questions like who is the Vice President of the United States and what ocean borders California, etc. He asked this one blond high school senior working as a waitress if she knew what a filibuster was. She thought a minute and said she didn’t, but that she thought it was located in the stomach area.

Thursday, February 23

Jazzy bonds while watching Andy Griffith reruns

Cuffy asked, “Jazzy why to you cuddle up with DH while she and WH watch an Andy Griffith DVD rerun every night? I, your warm and purring Jazzy, replied, “Cuffy, it all has to do with bonding. Bonding is an art form and for us to have the capable staff that we do, it takes constant attention to develop the relationship that we want with our servants. We really do have a good situation here and we do need some political capital in case that intruder mouse shows up again.”

Wednesday, February 22

Jazzy compares Katrina response to socialized health care

I am one tired cat as my sleep time has been cut to about 19 hours a day. Therefore, today’s post, which is already late, will also be brief. I would like everyone who suffers from liberalism disorder to consider the following: The government’s handling of the Katrina disaster is a snapshot of how the Clinton nationalized health care plan would have worked. If you didn’t like that government response, then you wouldn’t like socialized health care or anything else.

Tuesday, February 21

Cuffy and Jazzy support guard dog Chief and his mission

Cuffy asked Jazzy, “Jazzy, I sure feel sorry for guard dog Chief having to live outside in this cold weather. We sure are blessed to have him out there on patrol protecting us in these difficult conditions. Why don’t we let him know how much we appreciate it by showing our support in word and deed?” I, your warm and safe Jazzy Cat, replied, “That is a great idea Cuffy. Unlike the Follywood kooks who undercut our troops in Iraq by giving encouragement to the enemy, we could show WH, DH, and guard dog Chief that we not only support him, but we also support his mission of giving a first warning of intruders. That way any would be intruder would know that they would be facing a united front. While we felines are a pampered group just like those Follywood kooks, we don’t have to be anti-American and engage in treasonous acts like they do.”

Monday, February 20

Jazzy exposes another left wing kook

Cuffy said, “Jazzy, I read where the actor Alec Baldwin said the follow: ‘Cheney is a terrorist. He terrorizes our enemies abroad and innocent citizens here at home indiscriminately. Who ever thought Harry Whittington would be the answer to America's prayers. Finally, someone who might get that lying, thieving Cheney into a courtroom to answer some direct questions.’ Why do these know it all actors make these absurd statements.” I, the astute Jazzy Cat, replied, “Cuffy, Obviously in Mr. Baldwin’s irrational view, people who run airplanes into buildings, bomb schools, and behead hostages are not the problem terrorists. George Bush, Dick Cheney and conservaties are the real terrorists in their view. These people have become anti-American kooks due to their hate for George Bush, Dick Cheney, and conservatives. The sad thing is that they have become the tail that wags the Democat Party.”

Sunday, February 19

Sunday Bible lesson…. Handwriting on the wall

The handwriting is on the wall for all human beings as our days are numbered and they will come to an end. Each second, minute, hour, day and year takes us closer to that day. No one will escape and as Hebrews 10:31 tells us: It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. We need help to face that day as God is greatly angered by the sin of each and every man and woman on earth, and make no mistake the handwriting is on the wall concerning that very day. Photo Meditation #56 Handwriting on the wall gives more details on how we can have a successful outcome when we face the handwriting on the wall.

Saturday, February 18

Jazzy explains why CNN can’t be trusted

Cuffy said, “Jazzy Cat, what do you think of CNN accusing VP Cheney of going to a conservative network to be interviewed by Fox News? Their implication was that Fox could not be trusted to get the truth.” I, your award winning Jazzy Cat, replied, “Cuffy, this is the same CNN that admitted that they covered up and censored news under the Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq. Their creditability has long been destroyed with anyone that has a shred of discernment. Their agenda and slanting of the news is on display every single day. CNN has proven that they cannot be trusted and for them, we should (don’t trust and verify very carefully). For them to criticize Fox is a classic example of the pot calling the kettle black.”

Friday, February 17

Jazzy enjoys Little Green Footballs

I have been surfing a few blogs today and I can’t believe what is going on in the world over the intimidation attempt of the radicals because of the cartoons that started in Denmark. It has certainly made me happy that I am a feline and do not have to deal with it like my human staff has to do. Check out the following links for some interesting insight and photographs: Little Green Footballs

Thursday, February 16

Jazzy on civilian deaths in Iraq

Cuffy said, “Jazzy, It seems that liberals seem to blame America for all the civilian deaths that have occurred in Iraq. What do you think?” I, your humble Jazzy Cat, replied, “Cuffy, Iraq has had free elections to elect their government. Yet, many civilians are being killed by terrorists from Iraq and the Middle East. They bomb and kill innocent women and children. It seems to me, the solution is for the duly elected Iraqi government to defeat the terrorists by killing as many as possible, and for the United States to help them train the forces necessary to do the job. Unfortunately, freedom is never free and casualties are the price they as well as the U.S.A. are paying for the removal of Saddam Hussein. Appeasement will not work with radical Islamists.”

Wednesday, February 15

Cuffy dreams that VP Cheney takes Ted Kennedy quail hunting

Cuffy reported to Jazzy Cat, “Jazzy, I had the strangest dream last night. I dreamed that Vice-President Cheney took Ted Kennedy quail hunting with him. What do you think could cause such a dream?” I, your discerning Jazzy Cat, replied, “Besides wishful thinking, maybe because at Chappaquiddick it was many hours before Kennedy notified authorities and on that Cheney hunting trip it was also many hours before the Washington press corps. was notified about the accident. In the one case a girl lost her life and a chance of rescue because of the delay and the press was sympathatic and covered for Kennedy. In the other case the injured man received medical attention immediately and the press is in a frenzy hoping to find even a hint of improper behavior. Cuffy, the MSM has an agenda and it is on full display each and every day.”

Tuesday, February 14

Jazzy gives example of hate causing speech

Speaking of rhetoric that could fuel violence, former V.P. Al Gore made some anti-American comments while speaking at a conference in Saudi Arabia. He said, "Arabs in the United States have been indiscriminately rounded up, often on minor charges of overstaying a visa or not having a green card in proper order, and held in conditions that were just unforgivable." It does not take a cat as discerning and brilliant as I am to discern that this kind of talk in the middle-east stirs up even more anti-American hate. Of course the liberal MSM media doesn’t get upset because Gore is a teammate and has their support. They are too busy trying to make the Cheney hunting accident into a mountain instead of a molehill. The difference between hate causing speech and free speech really comes down to whether it is politically correct or not.

Monday, February 13

Cuffy and Jazzy stand up for freedom of speech

Cuffy said, “Jazzy, on the Jan. 24 post you pointed out the danger of hate crime legislation leading to hate speech laws. Well, The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force recently made the ridiculous charge that speech from the ‘religious right’ have caused crimes against homosexuals.” I, your logical thinking Jazzy Cat, replied, “Cuffy, that is correct. Their website says the following:
’Rhetoric of religious right continues to fuel violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people
Task Force: Today's attack on men in New Bedford gay bar points to climate of hate created by right-wing obsession with homosexuality’

They are not going to get away with this tripe on my blog. If speech fuels violence, then certainly the rash of church burnings in Alabama could be caused by anti-Christian rhetoric. If this country starts buying into critical free speech being the cause of crime then we would have to ban any speech that criticizes anything. This would prohibit The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force from criticizing the religious right. They have had success in making the false case that to disagree with their thinking and objectives is to hate and be intolerant.”

Sunday, February 12

Sunday Bible lesson

Secular humanism is growing in the United States as more people are embracing this post modern world view. There is very little conflict between the worldview of the secular humanists and that of the religious left in America. However, this worldview is in direct conflict with the Christian worldview that is held by conservative Christians. The result is more persecution and censorship of Christians mostly under the pretense of complying with the separation of church and state. The following Photo Meditation #32 on Persecution gives more information on this subject.

Saturday, February 11

Jazzy and Cuffy remember Spit McGee

Cuffy said, “Jazzy Cat, our photo today is of one of the world’s most famous cats ever. It is photo that W.H. took of Spit McGee not to long before his death. I think everyone has heard of the book and movie, “My dog Skip.” Willie Morris, the late and famous author from Mississippi, wrote it. Well, Mr. Morris also wrote another book about his wife’s cat titled, 'My cat Spit McGee.' Jazzy, I believe ole Spit was more famous than you will ever be. What do you think?” I, the supreme feline of the entire southern United States, replied, “Cuffy, Spit really carried the feline banner with class and dignity, and I salute what he meant for our species. My special wisdom is being circulated through cyber space even as we speak. I will leave it to future historians to determine our place in history. I will say, to borrow a thought from the late baseball great Dizzy Dean, I may not be the greatest cat that ever lived, but I am amongst them as was Spit.”

Friday, February 10

Jazzy offers Democats funeral solution

I, your most humble and precious Jazzy Cat, have been thinking about how Jimmy Carter and other Democats desecrated the funeral service of Mrs. King. I understand that propaganda at a funeral is a terrible thing to waste. So, I would like to offer them a solution that would prevent their dishonoring of the dead in the future. Instead of calling the entire event a funeral service, add a second event and call it a Solemn TRAPS. TRAPS stands for trash republicans as the problem speeches. The announcement could be as follows: Today’s funeral for Senator Esteemed Democrat will be a 3pm and will be preceded by a Solemn TRAPS at 10a.m. This solves the problem. They can have a dignified funeral and still have their political hate and propaganda event before the funeral.

Thursday, February 9

Jazzy Cat and Cuffy pass weight check

Cuffy and I went to the vet this morning for a weight check. Our vet had strongly recommended that we lose some weight and we have been trying really hard for about a month now. We could have pitched a hissy fit and played the sympathy card, but we realize that our health is at stake so we signed off on the plan. There is great news to report because we each lost over ½ pound. When we got back, Cuffy sat on the floor, looked up at WH and hissed just to let him know that everything must ultimately meet with our approval. That humble pie dog stuff just does not cut it with us felines. Dogs need and respond to their caretakers just like liberals need and respond to government…. (Please take care of me! Oh thank you, thank you!). We cats just naturally love independence and freedom.

Wednesday, February 8

Cuffy admonishes Jimmy Carter

Cuffy said to Jazzy, “I have a request to make about my funeral. I do not want my funeral to be desecrated the way that former President Jimmy Carter and Richard Lowery dishonored the funeral of Mrs. M.L. King. Their political attack on President Bush who was seated directly behind them was below contempt. Jimmy Carter is a pathetic bitter old man who cannot get over the fact that he was a monumental failure as president. If he shows up at my funeral, kick him out, as his very presence would dishonor the occasion. As for Lowery, a supposed man of God, his performance would make one wonder if he has ever read the many Biblical passages that would discourage the outrageous statements he made.” Jazzy Cat responded, “The really sad thing about these people is that it was so predictable that they would act that way. Their total lack of character and decency is still sometimes hard to believe.”

Tuesday, February 7

Jazzy does not back down to Lefty Leaner

Cuffy came running to Jazzy and said, “Jazzy, I just got an e-mail from our ole pal Lefty Leaner who now works for Agenda Week magazine. He is really upset that you exposed liberalism disorder on your blog. He said that liberalism is simply about a heart overflowing with concern for the human condition. He said that liberals are concerned about all the crises that confront our planet and named the following examples: the rain forest, ozone layer, whales, endangered species, trees, water purity, air purity, global warming, animal exploitation, corporate profit, health care, fuel costs, wildlife habitats, death penalty except for unborn infants, etc. He feels like you are implying that this condition of caring means there is a disorder involved.” I replied, “Cuffy, I am not implying it. I am flat out saying it. People with this disorder are not happy unless they can find a real or imagined crisis to get all worked up over and they always blame Republicans, conservatives, capitalism, conservative Christians, and America for all the injustices they see. There solution is more and more government control and regulation of the lives of citizens. Their ultimate solution is a socialistic state with central planning and regulation of everything from cradle to grave.” (see Thu. Dec. 15 post on this site)

Monday, February 6

Jazzy Cat explains liberalism disorder

Cuffy asked Jazzy, “Jazzy cat, do you think that liberalism disorder is caused by brainwashing, a psychological character flaw or do you think it may be genetic?” I, your humble Jazzy cat, replied, “Cuffy, I have been studying that very thing lately and I believe some people are simply manipulated and brainwashed. These people suffer only from temporary liberalism disorder and can recover with daily exposure to the truth. An example would be college students. Some liberals have political and other agenda’s to pursue for personal status and gain. Senators Needmo Integrity and Philip N. Flopp would be examples of this character flaw. However, after reading many of the left wing radical wacko blogs, I have reluctantly concluded that these people have a genetic deformity that effects their perception of reality (The liberal that I debate from Indiana is an exception). They are extremely angry and full of hate toward George Bush, republicans, and conservatives. They are irrational and border on delusion. Example: One of them, when pushed to give his best evidence on how Bush stole the 2000 election, offered the butterfly ballots as proof. A democrat election commissioner in a county run by democrats designed the butterfly ballots. However, this did not matter in his deluded mind. Cuffy, I sure hope they find a cure for this awful and harmful disorder.”

Sunday, February 5

Sunday Bible lesson

Dr. D. James Kennedy related as a Biblical example the position of a person in stalled car on a railroad track with a train coming. The person has two choices. One is to try to get the car started and the other is to get out of the car to safety. However, while the person is deciding which of the two choices to make, he is not making it from a neutral position. He is already in one of the two choices, while he is deciding. Human Beings are in the same position when they are considering the gospel of Jesus Christ. There are two choices and they are in a choice while they are deciding. Today’s Photo Meditation is # 40 God's wrath.

Saturday, February 4

Jazzy and Cuffy discuss Super Bowl

I, your humble and all-around feline, asked Cuffy who she was for in the Super Bowl football game. Cuffy replied, “Jazzy, you know that I will have to go along with WH and DH and be for the Miss. State Bulldogs and the Texas Longhorns.” I explained to my often-dense sister that the choice was between the Steelers and Seahawks. “O.K. Jazzy, I will be for the Seahawks.” I replied, “Cuffy, you do what you want. However, a seahawk is a bird that can be fatal to small mammals and the last time I checked we are small mammals. Steelers on the other hand are hard working salt of the earth type people who love small mammals of the canine and feline variety.” Finally, Cuffy connected those dots you are always hearing about and said, “Jazzy, I think I will change my pick to those cat loving Steelers.” Once again my leadership paid off for my sister that I sometimes believe suffers from liberalism disorder.

Friday, February 3

Jazzy and Cuffy discuss guard dog Chief

Cuffy asked Jazzy, “What do you think of ole guard dog Chief boycotting his dinner last night?”
I, your most astute Jazzy Cat, replied, “Cuffy, it was amazing to see that ole humble dog refuse to eat his dog chow with nothing but milk poured over it. DH has spoiled that dog so bad with the huge cushion in the corner of the carport, the electric heating pad on it, and the stuff she has been putting on his dog chow to enhance the flavor like broth etc. It is amazing how luxuries can become necessities even for a humble ole guard dog. Even human beings have made necessities out of things that had not even been invented a hundred or so years ago. We should be thankful that we felines are of much greater worth than dogs.”

Thursday, February 2

Jazzy discusses Katrina

WH and DH recently made a little trip to the Mississippi Gulf Coast for some photography. Some of the destruction from hurricane Katrina will be shown in the next few days starting with yesterday’s post. The damage is really wide spread. Photo Meditation #53 on the photo meditation link below deals with the subject of natural disasters and the reality of the human condition. Unfortunately for us cats and other animals, our suffering is widespread as well. Cuffy and I are really fortunate to have a home and food.

Wednesday, February 1

Jazzy gives news analysis

Cuffy and I, your humble Jazzy Cat, spent the day watching the confirmation of Judge Alito and the State of the Union address. It was amazing to watch as only three Democats voted for confirmation of a truly brilliant and qualified man for the Supreme Court. It seems that the extreme radical left wing kooks have really gained more and more influence over the Democat Party. President Bush gave a really solid address full of logic and reason. Senator Needmo Integrity of Taxachussetts evidently was not there which gave a better aura for the event. Philip N. Flopp the other Senator from Taxachussetts was there and looking good. Botox injections do work wonders on a wrinkled face. Cuffy and I plan on getting back on the hunt for that mouse intruder first thing tomorrow.