Tuesday, February 21

Cuffy and Jazzy support guard dog Chief and his mission

Cuffy asked Jazzy, “Jazzy, I sure feel sorry for guard dog Chief having to live outside in this cold weather. We sure are blessed to have him out there on patrol protecting us in these difficult conditions. Why don’t we let him know how much we appreciate it by showing our support in word and deed?” I, your warm and safe Jazzy Cat, replied, “That is a great idea Cuffy. Unlike the Follywood kooks who undercut our troops in Iraq by giving encouragement to the enemy, we could show WH, DH, and guard dog Chief that we not only support him, but we also support his mission of giving a first warning of intruders. That way any would be intruder would know that they would be facing a united front. While we felines are a pampered group just like those Follywood kooks, we don’t have to be anti-American and engage in treasonous acts like they do.”

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