Thursday, February 9

Jazzy Cat and Cuffy pass weight check

Cuffy and I went to the vet this morning for a weight check. Our vet had strongly recommended that we lose some weight and we have been trying really hard for about a month now. We could have pitched a hissy fit and played the sympathy card, but we realize that our health is at stake so we signed off on the plan. There is great news to report because we each lost over ½ pound. When we got back, Cuffy sat on the floor, looked up at WH and hissed just to let him know that everything must ultimately meet with our approval. That humble pie dog stuff just does not cut it with us felines. Dogs need and respond to their caretakers just like liberals need and respond to government…. (Please take care of me! Oh thank you, thank you!). We cats just naturally love independence and freedom.

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