Tuesday, February 7

Jazzy does not back down to Lefty Leaner

Cuffy came running to Jazzy and said, “Jazzy, I just got an e-mail from our ole pal Lefty Leaner who now works for Agenda Week magazine. He is really upset that you exposed liberalism disorder on your blog. He said that liberalism is simply about a heart overflowing with concern for the human condition. He said that liberals are concerned about all the crises that confront our planet and named the following examples: the rain forest, ozone layer, whales, endangered species, trees, water purity, air purity, global warming, animal exploitation, corporate profit, health care, fuel costs, wildlife habitats, death penalty except for unborn infants, etc. He feels like you are implying that this condition of caring means there is a disorder involved.” I replied, “Cuffy, I am not implying it. I am flat out saying it. People with this disorder are not happy unless they can find a real or imagined crisis to get all worked up over and they always blame Republicans, conservatives, capitalism, conservative Christians, and America for all the injustices they see. There solution is more and more government control and regulation of the lives of citizens. Their ultimate solution is a socialistic state with central planning and regulation of everything from cradle to grave.” (see Thu. Dec. 15 post on this site)


Terry S said...


Just curious why it is that you oppose government intervention into our lives, and yet, see no contradiction when you support laws which essentially invade the most private aspects of our existence?

If government shouldn't involve itself with the environment, health care, corporate conduct, etc., why should it be involved with our relationships, or what an individual chooses to do with her body? Why should the government act as our moral police?

Is it your position that there are no problems with water and air quality, the ozone layer, that global warming doesn't exist, that health care is just dandy the way it is regardless of the fact that something in the area of 40 million people in this country have no medical insurance, and only cursory access to adequate medical care?

Are we to just accept without question that Exxon reported record profits over the last quarter while at times gas was costing us well over $3.00 per gallon? Are we to just blithely accept that CEOs of large corporations earn a thousand times what their average employee makes each year? Is anyone so deserving of such huge largess? Are the majority of people in this country so lacking in value to society that they aren't paid enough during a 40 hour work week to pay the rent? Are all such people simply slackers or ne'er do wells?

While I recently stated that, at least in some areas, we are not all that far apart, it is obvious that in others, we stand pretty much at opposite ends of the socio/political spectrum.

Yes, liberals do carry a concern for the human condition. Is it better to just not give a damn? Are we just to assume that if someone is not able to pull themselves up by their own boot straps, that they are not worthy of concern?

I don't care for being accosted on the street by homeless people. Yet, I certainly don't believe that these people should be tossed aside. Life, even at its best, is hard. For those of us who have met with success in life, is it acceptable to disdain those who haven't?

Are we to turn our backs on human achievements in science and technology and rely on our faith to get us through?

You concern yourself with a blasocyst, a few embryonic cells, but does it concern you when christian parents refuse to seek medical treatment for a critically ill child claiming that god will provide?

I could go on, but I guess what I'm doing now is ranting, or is it raving?

We are divided by more than what lever we pull in the voting booth.
I talk of a lack of common ground between us and the muslim world. Is there even enough common ground for the likes of you and I to come to some kind of accord?


jazzycat said...

To quote a line from a favorite old movie of mine, “Cool Hand Luke”……“what we have here is failure to communicate.” I certainly am responsible for that in a great degree. I try to keep my posts fairly short and attempt (perhaps unsuccessfully) to be humorous as was the case in this post. I will summarize the main points in this post, which will answer some of your many questions:
1. Liberals see all kinds of crises that are greatly exaggerated or do not exist such as the hysteria over global warming. (see jazzycat posts of Nov. 6 & 7 where I provide proof of propaganda about global warming). Global warming may exist as the Glacier Bay National Park Website reveals that glaciers started receding at least 200 years ago. This would pretty much rule out fossil fuels as the cause of the glaciers receding. Therefore, I do not believe that human beings are causing it and I sure am against signing the Kyoto accords.
2. Liberals blame and accuse Republicans, conservatives, capitalism, America and conservative Christians of not caring and even causing problems that do exist. Your comments more or less did that very thing and I could send you to many liberal blogs that confirm this reality. Just because conservatives do not agree with liberal solutions does not mean they do not want to solve problems.
3. Liberals seem to always gravitate toward socialistic solutions. Clinton Health care for example which was covered in January on jazzycat. Conservatives think socialism has been proven to be a failed economic system. Look at the decline in the European economies as they embrace more and more socialism.
4. While I am concerned about all of the things you mentioned, I believe that capitalism offers the best solution and even offer proof from a socialistic website (reference to post date) where they admit that capitalism has made America the most prosperous nation on earth. I believe that capitalism has enabled America to have the best environment of any large nation on earth. Our prosperity due to our economic system has enabled us to accomplish this

Your mention of a religious nut not seeking medical aid for a child, is a good try to manufacture a straw dog, but you know jazzycat don’t espouse such as that. Capitalism provides the best hope for help to the homeless in aid and opportunity. Once again to accuse conservatives of not caring is not valid. Church involvement in mercy ministries is quite extensive the last time I looked. I really do believe you have made some reasonable and sensible observations on your blog even if I don’t agree. But, look around at some of the extreme left wing blogs and you will see why I think some of these people are irrational and delusional.