Saturday, February 4

Jazzy and Cuffy discuss Super Bowl

I, your humble and all-around feline, asked Cuffy who she was for in the Super Bowl football game. Cuffy replied, “Jazzy, you know that I will have to go along with WH and DH and be for the Miss. State Bulldogs and the Texas Longhorns.” I explained to my often-dense sister that the choice was between the Steelers and Seahawks. “O.K. Jazzy, I will be for the Seahawks.” I replied, “Cuffy, you do what you want. However, a seahawk is a bird that can be fatal to small mammals and the last time I checked we are small mammals. Steelers on the other hand are hard working salt of the earth type people who love small mammals of the canine and feline variety.” Finally, Cuffy connected those dots you are always hearing about and said, “Jazzy, I think I will change my pick to those cat loving Steelers.” Once again my leadership paid off for my sister that I sometimes believe suffers from liberalism disorder.

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