Wednesday, February 15

Cuffy dreams that VP Cheney takes Ted Kennedy quail hunting

Cuffy reported to Jazzy Cat, “Jazzy, I had the strangest dream last night. I dreamed that Vice-President Cheney took Ted Kennedy quail hunting with him. What do you think could cause such a dream?” I, your discerning Jazzy Cat, replied, “Besides wishful thinking, maybe because at Chappaquiddick it was many hours before Kennedy notified authorities and on that Cheney hunting trip it was also many hours before the Washington press corps. was notified about the accident. In the one case a girl lost her life and a chance of rescue because of the delay and the press was sympathatic and covered for Kennedy. In the other case the injured man received medical attention immediately and the press is in a frenzy hoping to find even a hint of improper behavior. Cuffy, the MSM has an agenda and it is on full display each and every day.”


Rovin said...

Think about the same time it took Dick Cheney to make sure his friend was ok, Al Gore put more of our troops in the direct crosshairs of our enemy. To die. Which VP deserves the shame?

jazzycat said...

Good point.... and the MSM in their bias has no problem with the Gore remarks... I do not think they realize how disgusted most people are with the likes of Dick Gregory!