Wednesday, February 8

Cuffy admonishes Jimmy Carter

Cuffy said to Jazzy, “I have a request to make about my funeral. I do not want my funeral to be desecrated the way that former President Jimmy Carter and Richard Lowery dishonored the funeral of Mrs. M.L. King. Their political attack on President Bush who was seated directly behind them was below contempt. Jimmy Carter is a pathetic bitter old man who cannot get over the fact that he was a monumental failure as president. If he shows up at my funeral, kick him out, as his very presence would dishonor the occasion. As for Lowery, a supposed man of God, his performance would make one wonder if he has ever read the many Biblical passages that would discourage the outrageous statements he made.” Jazzy Cat responded, “The really sad thing about these people is that it was so predictable that they would act that way. Their total lack of character and decency is still sometimes hard to believe.”

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