Tuesday, January 9

Best of Jazzy's feline musings

Jazzy needs an activist to champion her cause.
Chloe (name later changed to Cuffy) snores while meditating
Jazzy comments on guard dog Chief's indiscretion
Jazzy's outing of guard dog Chief
False global warming part 1
False global warming part 2
Could it be solar heating
Chloe to sue Jazzy for slander
Chloe considers the French Model

More to come


mark pierson said...

Thanks for that post.

One Sheep's Voice said...

Hi, I'm a friend of "voice of vision".My blog name is, "wordsontruth". I completely understand where your coming from, I have a friend that insists that God's Word is simply a very well written story. Even after he and his wife saw, "The Promise". As well, he also believes the world started from nothing. Thanks for what you have written. Lord bless you! Paul