Friday, January 26

Romans 8:5

Romans 8:5 For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit set their minds on the things of the Spirit.

A successful baseball pitcher must totally set his mind on delivering the ball to a specific point either with good velocity or with the changing in direction of a curve ball. As a pitcher progresses upward to the major leagues his ability to set his mind and concentrate on the task at hand becomes second nature. It becomes ingrained in his mind and motor skills. In a similar manner, man is born with mind that is totally controlled by the sinful nature. Due to the fall of Adam and original sin, man lives according to this nature (the flesh) and has his mind set on the things of the flesh. However, once God’s grace quickens a sinner and redeems him by setting him free from the law of sin and death, he lives according to this new ‘born again’ nature of the Spirit and has his mind set on the things of the Spirit. While he still struggles with sin and the old nature, his new nature will win the war, as we shall see later in this chapter. Spirit and life will win the war over sin and death. Praise God that he provides everything to win the war through this marvelous grace.

Brothers & sisters, if you want to win this war with the flesh, then place your faith and trust in Jesus Christ to receive the free gift of eternal life.


Craver VII said...

Don’tcha just wish we could instantly shed every aspect of fleshliness at the moment of believing?

jazzycat said...

Yes that would be nice, very nice. I have long way to go and am convinced apart from grace I wouldn't make it to the finish line.

Missy said...

Thanks, Wayne! This passage here really helped me to understand a little better. I guess I worry because of the all the battles my sinful nature still wins, but you are right - the tide is turning and I know it will not win the war. There has definitely been a changing trend since my Day of Delivery.

I love the picture commentary and will certainly be back for more!

jazzycat said...

Thanks for the visit. It has been a blessing for me to do these verses and I have really come to understand them better as I do them one verse at the time.

Dawn said...

Absolutely, walking in the Spirit and not fulfilling the flesh becomes second nature. Too bad we can sometimes fulfill that old flesh. But thank God we can repent and yield ourselves back to the Spirit.

jazzycat said...

Thanks again. I agree that repentance is called for.