Saturday, January 20

Romans 8:2

Romans 8:2 For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death.

An airfoil is the reason a person can soar on a hang glider and be set free from gravity and the Holy Spirit is the reason that a person is set free in Christ Jesus. This is the gospel that saves sinners from the law of sin and death by setting them free from the grip and power of sin. The Holy Spirit regenerates sinners that are enslaved to the law of sin and death by setting them free and enabling them to seek refuge in Christ Jesus. This is the amazing grace that we rejoice in and sing about. It is the grace that sets sinners free from death and condemnation. This is a grace that does more than make salvation possible; it does the entire job by changing the heart and enabling a sinner to willingly come to Christ.

Without the person and work of Jesus Christ, a sinner is still under condemnation and still in their sin. Notice how this verse states the truth. It does not say that the Holy Spirit sets you free to be in a god of your own choosing or sets you free to be justified by your own effort. No, the verse says that the Holy Spirit sets you free in Christ Jesus. While it is popular in today’s American culture to be “politically correct” and “tolerant” by affirming many ways to God, the Bible does not offer but one way to be set free from sin and death. Praise God for this amazing grace.

Do not delay, avoid false gods and seek refuge in Jesus Christ!


bluecollar said...

"and the Holy Spirit is the reason that a person is set free in Christ Jesus."

Great point. Spurgeon noted towards the end of his life, during the Down Grade Controversy, that Fundamentalism and the Dispensationalism of his day were putting the Gospel on a path where regeneration was no longer an issue. His foresight was amazing.

This was an excellent post. Let's put regeneration back into the spotlight where it belongs.

Mark Pierson

jel said...

Hi Jazzycat,
how is your wife?
just got our power back after 8 day, been praying for her!

Steve said...

This is good, thanks, especially the second paragraph.

jazzycat said...

Thanks Mark, Jel, and Steve.

My wife is still recovering very well. Thanks for the prayers.


jazzycat said...
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Dawn said...

Hey Jazzy, praise God for setting us free from sin and shame and death which can only come through Christ Jesus.

I will leave my non-Calvinist comments to myself. :-)

jazzycat said...

Thanks for stopping by and giving these photo meditations a look see.