Thursday, January 18

Romans 8:1

Romans 8:1 There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

There is no exposure to the elements in the photo above because the photographer sought shelter and is protected in the glass enclosed observation deck. He is safe and secure and although the exposure is real and nearby, the inn provides a covering from the elements. In the same manner those that are in Christ Jesus are safe and secure due to the covering that is provided by Jesus Christ.

There is exposure to the elements for anyone outside the inn in the photo above and there is condemnation for those that are not in Christ Jesus. However, through faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ sinners are provided a covering and there is no condemnation for those protected by this covering. Being in Christ Jesus through faith means being covered by his righteousness and having him pay the penalty for the sins of the sinner. Being in Christ Jesus also means being justified and adopted as a son of God. It is effective at the moment of saving faith (now) and is permanent and irrevocable. It is a done deal. There are only two positions for mankind, in Christ and covered or not covered and under condemnation. Sincerity, good works, other religions, ancestors, or anything else that man may dream up to protect him from this condemnation is pure folly.

Seek the only covering for this exposure and do it today!


Anonymous said...

Wayne, you always say the most profound things in the simplest manner!

I'm wondering - how are things with your wife???

jazzycat said...

Thanks for asking. My wife is really doing well. She is home and walking. We feel thankful and blessed.

I am really pleased by your comment about my expression of Biblical truth. IMO the core essential truths of the gospel are not that complicated and can be expressed in a straight forward manner. That is what I attempt to do.

I am amazed at how plain simple Scripture sometimes gets twisted beyond recognition.

I will be in prayer for father-in-law and your family.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that news! I pray she continues to recover quickly.

And I agree with you. I really do love biblical discussions, but sometimes I think my head is going to explode from some of the things I read on the blogs! Most of us are not 'scholars,' and I sometimes wonder where these people come up with the things they do in these discussions.

Speaking of discussions, be on the lookout for my post tomorrow... :)

bluecollar said...

"There are only two positions for mankind, in Christ and covered or not covered and under condemnation."

That is the very heart-beat of NCT, both for OT saints as well as post NT believers. Good post.

Craver VII said...

What is "NCT?"

jazzycat said...

new covenant theology

Steve said...

I think Romans 8:1 is such a precious verse. Thanks for another great post.