Monday, October 31

Photo and failed boycott saga

Since I did not want to be bellyaching on the Lord’s day, I will begin this report by divulging the Sunday morning details of my feline sister Chloe and my boycott of the bad batch of Fancy Feast cat food. For the second straight day WH gave us a can of this below par batch. We both promptly turned our noses up and walked away hoping to see a prominent activist like Jesse Jackson and T.V. cameras to take up and promote our cause. But to our horror there were no cameras and no activist, which caused me to realize that our just cause was dead in the water. Although our cause was right and just, I have learned from watching human television that having a just cause was not what counted. It took three things to give a cause legs. First, you need a secular politically correct cause. Then you need a famous activist (Jesse Jackson, movie star, etc.). The third thing follows the first two as naturally as a pig follows slop and that is the mainstream media to give the whole issue publicity. An example would be a pro-abortion march of 30 people led by Jane Fonda verses a pro-life march of 10,000 led by Jane Doe. 10,000 does not trump 30, but secular politically correct trumps politically not correct and Jane Fonda trumps Jane Doe.
Oh well it is now Monday morning and somewhere the sun is shinning and somewhere Jesse Jackson is conniving, but Sweet Jazzy Cat and Chloe have eaten their bad batch fancy feast without so much as a whimper.

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