Saturday, November 12

Chloe contemplates suing Jazzy Cat for slander

Last night Chloe angrily said to me, “Jazzy Cat, I cannot believe that yesterday you told the whole world on your blog that I was a fat cat. I mean really, you out our guard dog Chief by telling the whole world of his covert guard dog status and now you call me a fat cat. Well, I want you to know that I have been deluged with calls from trial lawyers wanting to represent me in a lawsuit against you for slander. They all believe that with a little venue shopping we can sue you for a gazillion dollars and my favorite one, The honorable Mr. I.R. Sleaze, didn’t even ask how much I weighed.” In a deceptive, quiet, humble voice I called Chloe over to within paw range and slapped her up side the head. My meaning was clear…. “You fool, I don’t have a gazillion dollars.”

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