Monday, November 14

Chloe considers the French model

Chloe said, “Jazzy Cat, I have studied up on the burning of cars that is going on in France and have noticed how the liberal media is sympathizing with the arsonists and offering all kinds of excuses and justification for their behavior. So Jazzy, I think the next time we get a bad batch of fancy feast fish and shrimp food, we should go burn a few cars to gain sympathy for our plight.” I said to Chloe patiently, “while this strategy is working in France and may even work in San Francisco, it will not work in the south where we live because a lot of southern vehicles have a special kind of insurance that car owners advertise with a bumper sticker which says the following: ‘Insured by Smith & Wesson’.” I then explained to Chloe that we could lose all nine of our lives in a heartbeat to vehicles insured by Smith & Wesson. Chloe is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but she understood this.

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