Friday, February 24

Jazzy tells about a child left behind

I heard W.H. telling D.H. how he likes to ask young high school students very basic questions on various subjects. He asks them questions like who is the Vice President of the United States and what ocean borders California, etc. He asked this one blond high school senior working as a waitress if she knew what a filibuster was. She thought a minute and said she didn’t, but that she thought it was located in the stomach area.


Terry S said...

Hey Jazzy,

I agree (again!) It is sad how little kids learn about history, our government, goegraphy and current affairs. I recently read (or actually, listened to) a book you might find interesting: Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong. by James W. Loewan. He tends to belabor some points, but it is overall a good read (or listen.) I suppose he comes down more on the liberal side of things, but not altogether. His main point is just how poorly American history, and history in general, is being taught in our schools, and how wrong many of the available texts are in reporting and interpreting the history about which it purports to inform the students.

I remember an American history course I took at Indiana University as a freshman. The professor had written the text. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 7:30 approximately 300 of us were forced to sit in a large and generally much too warm lecture hall and listen to her literally read from her text. No anecdotes, no embellishments, no discussions. She had her teaching assistants roaming the hall stabbing us with long sticks if we happened to nod off. It was, needless to say, a great learning experience.


Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

You have posted some wonderful photographs.

God Bless


Terry S said...

Hmmm! I'm not sure what goegraphy is. Maybe it's something similar to nuculer. However, geography is a problem in our schools.


jazzycat said...

Thanks for the comments. Thank God for the ole spell checker that I use on Word which is where I usually write before comming to post. This post is an exceppttion.
Matthew, I am glad you like the photographs. I try to post one a day where people can at least see a photo even if they don't like my posts.