Saturday, February 11

Jazzy and Cuffy remember Spit McGee

Cuffy said, “Jazzy Cat, our photo today is of one of the world’s most famous cats ever. It is photo that W.H. took of Spit McGee not to long before his death. I think everyone has heard of the book and movie, “My dog Skip.” Willie Morris, the late and famous author from Mississippi, wrote it. Well, Mr. Morris also wrote another book about his wife’s cat titled, 'My cat Spit McGee.' Jazzy, I believe ole Spit was more famous than you will ever be. What do you think?” I, the supreme feline of the entire southern United States, replied, “Cuffy, Spit really carried the feline banner with class and dignity, and I salute what he meant for our species. My special wisdom is being circulated through cyber space even as we speak. I will leave it to future historians to determine our place in history. I will say, to borrow a thought from the late baseball great Dizzy Dean, I may not be the greatest cat that ever lived, but I am amongst them as was Spit.”

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