Monday, March 20

Jazzy tells about the Barnyard Opry

The above photo was taken March 18, 2006 at the Barnyard Opry near Brandon, Mississippi. Rodney and Barbara Joyner started the Barnyard Opry out of their love for country music. They fixed an old barn up to accommodate the increasing number of people who started coming to enjoy the music. They now pack in as many as 200 people the first and third Saturday of each month. It is really a unique story about people doing something they love from the ground up and providing a lot people some good entertainment and fellowship. Rodney closed the program with a good message about the wonderful amazing free gift of eternal life that comes through faith in Jesus Christ. I would like to offer Cuffy and my services to Mr. Joyner if he ever needs a couple of barnyard cats to take care of mice eradication.


jel said...

that sounds like that would be fun!
the country music , not the mice :)

jazzycat said...

It was an enjoyable evening. Are you close to Branson?

jel said...

I live about 2hours from Branson Mo. got kindfolk there :)