Tuesday, March 7

Jazzy explains the finicky mystic

Cuffy asked Jazzy, “Jazzy Cat, I cannot believe that you are such a finicky eater. Why do you insist on turning your nose up to perfectly good food that our staff supplies for us? If that is not enough insult to them, you pretend to cover it up using our litter box maneuver.” I replied to my dull sister Cuffy, “Cuffy, to enjoy the lifestyle that we have become accustom to requires that we nourish our mystic. If you want to be taken for granted, just accept everything that is dished out and pretty soon you will be just like ole guard dog Chief. Being finicky is part of feline personality that provides our staff pleasure. I could enjoy any shaved smoked turkey for my snack. I could even enjoy unshaved smoke turkey and perhaps even plain ole turkey. However, when I insist on Oscar Mayer shaved smoked turkey, I send a very necessary message to staff. This message is pay close attention to details in providing our requirements. It develops discipline, respect and service.”

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