Friday, March 10

Photo of Jazzy Cat and Cuffy in bed and some thoughts

The above photo is of Cuffy and me taking a well-deserved nap on our bed. We each have about 10 or 15 places where we like to nap. They all are so comfortable that we hate to give any of them up. Today WH bought us a new scratching post with perch that we can lounge on and monitor the outside and be sure that ole guard dog Chief is doing his job. Life is good when your 401-K is in order.


Rose~ said...

I can't tell by looking at the photo - is Jazzy a boy or a girl?


jazzycat said...

Jazzy Cat and Cuffy both are female...

They are now almost nine and do not cuddle up as much as they used to and they do have their little cat fights.

Posted by WH the feline servant.