Friday, March 3

Jazzy comments on Colorado student that exposes his radical teacher

Cuffy said, “Jazzy Cat, what do you think about the high school student in Colorado that tape recorded the classroom lecture by his geography teacher in which he ranted about Bush, America, and capitalism being evil?” I, Jazzy Cat, being a proud member of a capitalistic household replied, “Cuffy, the cat is out of the bag (pardon the pun) on the attempted manipulation and brain washing that is going on in schools across America. Maybe if schools taught more of the three r’s, instead of attempting to indoctrinate with left wing and PC propaganda, our students would be better prepared for the challenges they will face. See Feb. 24th Jazzy Cat post for an example. I would like to commend this student and his parents for exposing the ignorance and fraud that this teacher was engaged in. Thank God that we felines have such magnificent instincts that we do not need education at all.”

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