Tuesday, March 28

Jazzy suggests responsibility and accountability for protecting government property

Cuffy asked Jazzy, “Jazzy I noticed where the New Orleans School District has decided to attempt to sell it’s flooded, unsalvageable yellow school buses on e-Bay. What do you think about that?” I, your cool and unflappable Jazzycat, replied, “Cuffy It is amazing to think they would want to do something like this to highlight the fact that they allowed these 259 school buses to be flooded. What a shame it is for taxpayer money to literally be thrown away at all levels of government because there is no accountability for government property. Instead of having a system in place where government employees have an incentive to save money, property, and spend less than their budget allows, the incentive is to spend all of your budgeted funds so you can request an increase in the following year. If some government employees in New Orleans got bonus for protecting school property, then they would still have 259 school buses they no longer have. The cost of those buses would certainly be over ten million dollars maybe more.”


BugBlaster said...

Jazzy and Cuffy, those buses also wouldn't have been flooded if they'd been used to evacuate people before the hurricane hit. So the government employees failed in more than one way.

jazzycat said...

This true and is an example where the local officials failed miserably!

Another point here is the fact that able bodied people (even the poor) have some responsibility to be prepared and take care of themselves.....