Saturday, March 11

Jazzy exposes the high fashion hiking boots

I have posted a photo today of WH’s sister’s hiking boots after she took her first hike near Telluride, Col. After about a 1000 feet elevation gain she noticed some pain sensations on the bottom of her feet as the path was rough and rocky. Cardboard, paper and everything was used to try to keep her feet from being chewed to a bloody pulp on the way down. The boots she had bought were very pretty and fashionable, but they blew out like an old dry rotted tire. We felines come equipped with our own God given pads on the bottom of our feet to avoid such disasters and I might add embarrassment as her husband and WH still ride her pretty good about her high fashion hiking boots.

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Terry S said...

Now thems is SOME shoes! They mirror how my knees feel sometimes. As always, good pics.