Saturday, March 4

Jazzy explains feline behavior with un-American behavior

Cuffy was upset as she asked Jazzy, “Jazzy Cat, we have been outside and rolled in the dirt for the last two beautiful days and both times we had to go straight to the shower for a bath when we came inside. Do you think there is any connection?” I replied, “Cuffy, well duh, I think so. However, we cannot be intimidated into changing our behavior to suit cleanliness freaks. Our instincts tell us that we must roll around in dirt so as to deceive our prey by disguising our scent. It allows us to sneak up on them undetected sort of like far left liberals when they cover-up their un-American activities with lies, distortions and propaganda. Examples would be Al Gore’s speech in Saudi Arabia, Cindy Sheehan, Ward Churchill, and the exposed high school teacher in Colorado just to name a few. I hate to admit it Cuffy, but we all get really dirty in our attempt to deceive. Thankfully, the bath that our staff gives us washes us clean. The dirt these kook liberals get on them is not removed quite as easily, and the odor is disgusting.”

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