Monday, March 13

Jazzy exposes truth of what it takes to climb Handies Peak

The photo today is was taken by W.H. from the top of Handies Peak in Colorado near Lake City. The summit was a little over 14,000 feet and there are none in Colorado that are over 15,000 feet. W.H. prepared for that hike by wearing a pair of hiking boots with a steel plate in the sole, layered clothing, a backpack, thermal hat, and other emergency equipment. He was really feeling elated and like a real mountain climber, when about ½ up, a guy in shorts, t-shirt, jogging shoes with no socks, and dog jogged past him like he was standing still. Long before W.H. reached the top the same guy came jogging by again on the way down. It is good for humans to taste humble pie from time to time. You can only imagine how easy that would have been for Cuffy and me.


Clyde said...

I once climbed Pike's Peak - I was in much better shape back then but I still wished that I had some more God givn pads on my feet!

jazzycat said...

That is right and in some ways it is harder coming back down from an elevation gain hike.