Thursday, March 16

Jazzy explains public education problem

I your humble and pro-education minded Jazzy Cat have been researching and meditating about the decline of public education in America. It is also a fact that home schooling is growing rapidly due to dissatisfaction with public education. Home-schooled students make significantly higher scores on their ACT than do public educated students. It seems that the promotion of politically correct agendas have become entrenched in public education. Multi-cultural training, sensitivity training, conflict resolution, self-esteem building, gay friendly classes, black history celebration, and one agenda after another has replaced much of the math, science, English, history, etc. that used to be taught. I heard Dr. Thomas Sowell ask the following question about all the things that have been added: What has been cut out to add these things? Either something has to be cut back or hours have to be added, and since hours have not been added, the answer is self-evident. The Colorado goof-ball teacher is just one example of the agenda based propaganda that is being taught in public schools.


jel said...

AWESOME picture!

jazzycat said...

Thanks. This photo taken at Bellingrath Garden near Mobile, Ala. in 2004. It was shot with a Canon digital Rebel.