Wednesday, March 15

Jazzy explains today’s photo and more on goof-ball Colorado teacher.

W.H. took this photo of Cuffy and me this morning as I was enjoying a view of a beautiful spring morning in Mississippi, and Cuffy was lying on her back getting one of her many daily naps. I would like to make one final point on that ungrateful goofball Colorado teacher before we move on to more interesting topics. He should at least have gotten his facts straight if he was going to compare President Bush to Hitler. In his analysis of the President’s state of the union address, he made up statements that he said Bush gave in that address that President Bush did not say in any shape, form, or fashion. In short the statements he attributed to President Bush were never made, which means the teacher fabricated them out of his own deranged leftist imagination. The state of the union address is available on the Internet so there was ample opportunity to check facts, if facts had any importance in his teaching. The guy is a disgrace as a teacher and a citizen of this country. Freedom of speech does not mean that teachers in public schools have the right to intentionally falsify events for the purpose of propaganda of any kind.

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