Monday, March 6

Bible lesson continued with eternal security

Today’s Bible lesson is on the doctrine of Eternal Security also known as once saved always saved. This is a very logical doctrine in reformed theology because it fits the entire system and makes it whole. Those, whom God regenerates with the power of the Holy Spirit, will come willingly to faith in Christ, and through his power will persevere to the end. It is logical, that if God saves sinners through his power and initiative, they will remain saved. There are many Scripture passages that verify this and Photo Meditation #33 Eternal Security gives more explanation on this doctrine.


right wing Gene said...

Tell me what you think of this guys bible views

jazzycat said...

It seems to me he is a far left liberal ideologue that apparently fits into the religious left belief system that subscribes to a social gospel. He certainly does not demonstrate much love and tolerance for conservatives and is quite vocal about judging and attacking people personally. He appears to be a socialist radical. This of course is a rather snap judgment as I saw nothing that made him creditable enough to spend much time at his site.

Now your site is one enjoyed and I have bookmarked.