Saturday, April 1

Jazzy and Cuffy corner illegal intruder mouse

Cuffy and I really had a busy night on mouse patrol last night as we cornered one and played chase and slaped the mouse around for about an hour last night before WH and DH woke up. Actually our activity caused them to wake up. The mouse kept getting away and since DH wanted WH to capture the mouse unharmed for release it became more difficult to make a live capture. Finally WH caught the mouse in some paper towel and released it in the woods in the back of our house. Well at least we did our job of providing homeland security and I guess maybe WH will get a gold star or an atta-boy from those nuts at PETA. This episode absolutely wore Cuffy and I out so we decided to nap most of the day. We will be on guard again tonight for illegal intruders. Guard dog Chief is our border patrol and he is getting old and his department is under funded, so we may have more action tonight.

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