Wednesday, April 5

Jazzy admonishes Cuffy for accusing guard dog Chief of species profiling

Cuffy said, “Jazzy, I am really mad at guard dog Chief for grabbing me as I came back in the house today. I think it was nothing less than species profiling and discrimination against the feline species. I know he has the responsibility for protecting our house from intruders, but he should have recognized me and shouldn’t have grabbed me inappropriately. Therefore, I scratched him and now I am in trouble with WH and DH.” I, your humble and royal Jazzy Cat, replied, “Cuffy, you are an arrogant fool with an inflated self-esteem. Old guard dog Chief is about half blind and you failed to adhere to the proper procedure for entering the house. You did not give the old dog a chance to check your i.d. For all he knew you could have been a suicide bomber.” I then called Cuffy over closer and with malice slapped her upside the head. My meaning was clear….. Have a little respect for those that are risking their lives to protect us elite cats. I would also add that this is good advice for members of Congress.


jel said...

cool picture!

have a great day!

Cameron Cloud said...

ROFL...that was great!

Followed your link from Heavenly Heartburn. Look forward to reading more.

jazzycat said...

Cameron and Jel,
Thanks for the visit. Pressure is being placed on Cuffy to apologize to guard dog Chief. Who knows it may happen soon.