Friday, April 14

Jazzy discusses Cuffy's home schooling session

I ,your humble, wise and gracious Jazzy Cat, agreed to post a photo of Cuffy having a home schooling session with D.H. After her first session was over, Cuffy asked me, “Jazzycat why don’t you sign up for some home school lessons with D.H? I know you are certainly one of the smartest cats that God ever created, but it would not hurt to improve your knowledge base.” I replied, “Cuffy, while I know that D.H. can teach you much that will benefit you greatly, I have reached such a state of knowledge seasoned with feline logic and wisdom, that I need to spend my time dispensing said wisdom rather than attempting to soak up more knowledge. However, home schooling will be efficient for you as D.H. can bypass the public school indoctrination program and proceed directly to the core subjects.”

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