Friday, April 7

Jazzy receives call from Lefty Leaner of Agendaweek Magazine

I hate to put more pressure on Cuffy to apologize for scratching guard dog Chief, but Lefty Leaner of Agendaweek Magazine called and wanted to know if she was going to offer an apology for the incident. Lefty used to work for the local CBS affiliate WLIE-TV and Cuffy and I knew him back then. I woke Cuffy up from her 8th nap of the day to tell her of the developments. She said that before she apologized she was going to check with her lawyer at the Sleaze, Grime, Smut, Crumb & Associates law firm. She said, “Jazzy, I have to check out my legal rights before apologizing because an apology might be taken as a sincere admission of guilt rather than my real motive of damage control.” I advised Cuffy, that even though playing the feline species card had failed, she should take her time because she still had her ‘nine lives card’ for insurance. She was soothed by this thought and immediately started her 9th nap of the day.


Gordon Cloud said...

Cats apologize??

jazzycat said...

Yes, we cats are like democats and apologize only when cornered.