Friday, April 21

Cuffy hijacks blog from Jazzycat

Folks, this is Cuffy speaking and posting tonight in place of Jazzycat. Due to the very successful home schooling (see April 14 post) that I have been getting, I am now smart enough to hijack Jazzycat's blog and do my own post. I want to tell everyone about what a hypocrite and fraud that Jazzy has been after her speech to me yesterday where she said the following: "Cuffy I cannot stress the importance of feline manipulation of humans enough. It must be done to keep the universe in proper order." If you could have seen the way she responded to D.H. and W.H. when they got back today, you would have absolutely lost your lunch. While I followed her advice and kept my distance so as to punish them, she sucked up to them big time. She would get in W.H.'s lap and cuddle and purr like she was so happy to see them back, and then 10 minutes later she was back again. It was absolutely disgusting and the fact that she had made such a statement yesterday just infuriates me. I think I am going to start another Top Cat competition soon (see Nov. 10 post) and see if I can take over as queen of this house.

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well.. it's like I said!