Monday, April 24

Jazzy exposed by Cuffy to Lefty Leaner

I cannot believe that Cuffy called Lefty Leaner of Agendaweek Magazine and told him about my warning her about the consequences of not being loyal to our family (April 22 post). Anyway, Lefty Leaner called me for my comment and I decided to try the same strategy that Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (see April 5 post) used when she told the media that they were ‘not permitted’ to use some audio they had of her. I told Lefty the same thing about what Cuffy had told him. I thought he was going to have a heart attack as he laughed for five solid minutes. He said, ‘yeah right’ and asked me how did that work out for Ms Mckinney. Lefty then said, "I know Ms McKinney is used to the extreme left wing media carrying the water for the democats, but it is unbelievable that she would think such a demand would have any chance of success." Later when W.H. saw it on the news, he laughed so hard it woke Cuffy up from her 35th nap of the day.

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