Thursday, April 27

Jazzy talks about faith debate at Rose's Reasonings

I am sorry I did not post yesterday, but my pet human was hogging the computer participating in the discussion going on over at Rose's Blog and using my name. They were discussing whether saving faith is a gift from God to access the grace he also gives, or the alternative which is that faith must come from a sinners free will to access the grace that God makes available to those that choose to accept it. There have been 116 comments and a lot of give and take from both sides that appear to be equally divided. Every now and then a little cat fight breaks out, but everyone does a good job of maintaining Christian love and respect. It is certainly several steps (make that many steps) more civil than what goes on at some of the liberal political blogs. Ole Jazzy has lost some fur at some of those demented blogs.


jel said...

You do take Awesome pictures!

thanks for sharing!

have a great weekend

Rose~ said...

You go to a liberal political blogs? I don't think I could stand it.

jazzycat said...

I did, but I lost so much fur when I commented there that I pretty much quit. I found nearly all liberal bloggers that I visited to be either agnostic or atheist.


bluecollar said...

I get sick at those libby blogs. I can't go to those any more.

Great post!