Sunday, April 9

Jazzy asks, was Mr. Black a true Steeler fan?

Mr. Gold N. Black who lives and works in Pittsburgh claims to be a Steeler football fan. He is a salesman whose territory is the city of Pittsburgh. Mr. Black calls on his clients and always brings up the Steelers and how they won the Super Bowl. He is very knowledgeable about the players, coach, and even front office organization. All of his clients are Steeler fans and they really enjoy when Mr. Black calls because of the conversation about Steeler football. What they don’t know about Mr. Black is that while he claims to be a Steeler fan, he does not go to any of their games although he is very successful, and could easily afford it. He also does not watch the games on television. He does not have Steeler shirts, hats, etc. He does watch Sports Center to get the highlights and studies the newspaper to bone up on the statistics. His claim to be a Steeler fan is in fact not genuine and is based solely on a business reason. The external appearance of being a fan is solid and he can talk the talk, but his heart reveals another story which is that he does not walk the walk. Mr. Black is a fraud. Now Mr. Black becomes so successful for his company that they decide to transfer him to Chicago to shore up their lagging sales there. Football season is just starting when he arrives in Chicago and Mr. Black upon making his first call, introduces himself and immediately says, “How about dem Bears.”

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jel said...

that is so sad! :(

my husband is a true Streeler fan!

you have a great day!