Thursday, April 20

Jazzy and Cuffy anticipate return of staff

Cuffy said to Jazzy, "Jazzy, J.H. has really given us good service while W.H. and D.H. have been gone." I replied, "It is nice that he lives with us because there is nothing like live in staff to take care of our needs. I understand that W.H. and D.H. will be back tomorrow, so remember we have got to be united in giving them the cold shoulder when they come in. We should let them know in no uncertain terms that being avaliable at our beckoning call is more important than those photography trips. We should totally ignore them and when they pick us up, we are to turn our heads away and growl to let them know we want down. Cuffy I cannot stress the importance of feline manipulation of humans enough. It must be done to keep the universe in proper order."


jazzycat said...

I have pretty eyes.

Rose~ said...

Yes, you do, sweet little cat.