Friday, December 30

WLIE-TV wants interview with Jazzy Cat

Chloe reported to Jazzy that WLIE-TV wanted to interview her about her commentary on Judge Sleaze. Chloe said, “Jazzy, I received a call from their top reporter, Lefty Leaner, requesting that I obtain an interview with you. They promised me a case of my favorite treats if I could successfully get your approval. Do you want to do it?” I, your humble and quick-witted Jazzy Cat, responded, “These liberal media outlets, such as WLIE, can absolutely chew you up and spit you out by editing your comments and taking them out of context. They use this technique early and often to paint the picture that suits their bias. I know that my views are in opposition to theirs; therefore, I will only be interviewed if they agree to run the entire interview unedited. Without this guarantee, their hatchet job would probably cost me two or three lives and I only have nine.” Chloe could see the treats evaporating before her eyes as she walked away.

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