Tuesday, December 27

Jazzy explains campaign contributions

After meditating on Jazzy Cat’s analysis of the Sleaze judgeship appointment, Chloe asked Jazzy, “Jazzy Cat, do you think that Mr. Sleaze had to pay off Governor U.O. Cash to receive that appointment to the bench?” I, your humble and insightful Jazzy Cat, was so proud of my less than gifted sister Chloe as she, with my help, was beginning to connect the dots. I humbly replied, “Yes Chloe, in the case of Mr. Sleaze, you can take it to the bank. However, these things can be handled quite legally in the form of campaign contributions. Even if per person contribution limitations are applicable, Mr. Sleaze and an unlimited number of his family and friends can each give the maximum. Mr. Sleaze can then give gifts and favors to his relatives and friends to reimburse them. Chloe, the bottom line is that there is a whole lot of back scratching going on. That is why appointments to jobs, pardons, favors, etc. sometimes require a ‘campaign contribution’. These contributions will always be given because of a professed interest in good government. It never ceases to amaze me when a human being says that cats are conniving.”

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