Thursday, December 22

Chloe briefly considers voting for the Democats

Chloe asked Jazzy, “Jazzy Cat, do you know who I would vote for if cats voted?” I, your all knowing and all caring, Jazzy Cat responded, “Chloe Cat, who would you like to vote for?” Chloe had already dozed off, but she replied, “I believe I like those Democats and would vote for them. What do you think?” I thought a minute as I knew that I must provide the leadership and discernment for my dim-witted sister Chloe. She needed an example that she could visualize and understand. So, I said, “Chloe, do you remember those field mice of the rodent family that we, with the blessing of WH and DH, went outside of our house and hunted them down and killed them? It saved our house from being invaded from the random damage that they do.” Chloe said, “Jazzy what has this got to with voting for Democats?” I replied, “Chloe, If Democats were in charge, they would not allow us to hunt them down outside, but make us wait until they came in and caused damage before we did anything. Then they would want to provide them with lawyers like our ole buddy, I.R. Sleaze. On top of that they would want WH and DH to pay for their lawyers.” After a long pause, Chloe said, “I have flip-flopped on my opinion, I don’t think I would ever vote for the Democats.” Jazzy smiled knowingly and meditated on how fortunate Chloe was to have such a brilliant sister.

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